14 Best Rami Malek Movies And TV Shows, Ranked

“Short Term 12” is a deeply sensitive film about the power of caring for others. In her first starring role, Brie Larson plays Grace, a young woman who works at a group home for teens in need. Having had a traumatic childhood herself, Grace connects deeply with her young charges and dedicates herself fully to keeping them safe. Things start to get out of hand when a new resident, Jayden (Kaitlyn Dever in a typically searing performance), brings up upsetting memories from Grace’s past.

Rami Malek plays Nate, a new supervisor at the facility. Nate clearly comes from a different background than Grace and the other residents, and he initially seems out of touch. Rather than discounting him as an ignorant rich kid, the film allows Nate to grow and develop as he realizes how important this work can be.

The film’s cast is quite impressive, and it launched the careers of many of its stars. Larson’s star rose after its release, and Dever, Lakeith Stienfeild, Stephanie Beatriz, John Gallager Jr., and Malek all got their names on the map thanks to an impressive ensemble performance. The film is written with tenderness, and the acting reflects this quality. It’s hard not to fall for a movie this expressive, and it remains one of Malek’s most remarkable projects to date.

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