Aakash Chopra’s Startling Claims After India vs Australia 3rd Test

Hosting JioCinema’s daily sports show ‘#AakashVani,’ Aakash Chopra spoke about India’s underwhelming performance in the 3rd Test match against Australia. “In the 3rd Test, India got success from an unlikely quarter, where Umesh Yadav took three wickets and suddenly there was a thought that they were in a good position to prevent 150 runs on the board, so Umesh Yadav helped them to pull back a little.

He did some reverse swings, which got wickets, and then came Ravichandran Ashwin, who also took three wickets. But to win the match, it was very important that they had a strong opening, but they didn’t have one. Shubman Gill tried to hit a big one but got out on Nathan Lyon’s bowl. Rohit Sharma also got out, gets a hit on his pads, and took the DRS with him as well.

Cheteshwar Pujara came and made a gritty fifty that helped India get a lead; he stood his ground and played really well, and if we look at both innings from the Indian perspective, then it came from him alone. Virat Kohli comes next, hits a six, but gets out. Then the lower order collapsed, Shreyas Iyer and one after the other, wickets fell fast. So, they lacked resilience in their team which was very much needed.”

Chopra further explained what makes Rohit Sharma a superb opening batsman in Test Cricket. “The format that Test cricket has, the DNA that it has, Rohit Sharma was looking for it early. Previously, he used to be a little lost, he used to hit early with his bat, but now he takes time because he is comfortable in defence and now he dictates his own flow, and that has changed everything for him because previously he couldn’t use to understand the demand of the situation. But now he has nailed the format and has picked up the nerve of the format.”

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