Explaining Tax Terms With ‘Cash Class’ And Lisa Prudencio

While a nice little tax return direct deposit is nice in late April, it’s a long road between now and then (and that cash). To help you understand the basics of tax return terminology and how to maximize your money this tax season, UPROXX just launched a new episode of Cash Class to give you a first-day-of-tax-school introduction to the basics.

Lisa Prudencio — financial activist and personal finance expert — joins UPROXX to break down some real-world tips for filing and generally dealing with taxes. “Deductions, withholdings, credit … there’s kind of a lot to learn,” Prudencio informs us. Prudencio then walks us through basic tax-related terms like “taxable income,” “deductions,” and “tax brackets” and gives very easy-to-understand definitions of each before diving into more terminology like “taxable events” and the importance of keeping hold of receipts.

It can feel like a lot. Luckily, Prudencio and UPROXX’s Cash Class are here to help you start understanding everything you’re going to encounter. And, as Prudencio points out, there is help out there too with apps and services like H&R Block to get those pesky taxes done and done right.

Watch the whole episode above and don’t forget that April 18th is coming up fast!

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