Fall Sequel In The Works, Will Presumably Trap More People On That Tower

James Harris and Mark Lane of Tea Shop know their way around a “trapped in a wild circumstance that makes the audience sweat” style of thriller, as they were also behind Johannes Roberts’ “47 Meters Down,” which is about two women stuck in a shark cage at the bottom of the ocean. Like “Fall,” the film is equally as tense, trading the fear of falling with that of drowning. Harris told Deadline “We’ve got a couple of ideas we’re kicking around. […] We don’t want to make something that feels like a copycat or less than the first one.”

It’ll be interesting to see what Mann and the folks at Tea Shop develop for a sequel to “Fall.” Part of the terror of the first film was the small platform at great heights, but perhaps they could look toward a similar yet different scenario like trying to scale the Burj Khalifa in Dubai or … I don’t know, an out-of-control hot air balloon.

Deadline reports that the sequel may include Grace Caroline Currey (who starred as Becky in the first film), but this has not yet been confirmed.

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