How One Bonkers Children Of The Corn Sequel Makes Use Of Leftover Bad Boys II Footage

You don’t need to be an expert in the “Children of the Corn” movies to watch “Children of the Corn: Genesis,” and frankly becoming an expert in the “Children of the Corn” movies isn’t recommended, unless you like being a film-lover on hard mode. The film stars Kelen Coleman and Tim Rock as a couple whose car breaks down on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere. They stumble across an isolated household, where a creepy preacher played by the late, great Billy Drago runs a creepy household, with a creepy wife who’s being controlled creepily, and a creepy kid with creepy superpowers in a creepy barn, where creepy cults do creepy cult stuff, in creepy old ways.

It seems as though help is on the way after our heroes get stuck in creepsville when a cop arrives, but then he’s suddenly rocketed straight up into the sky, in a moment so odd it’s genuinely funny. When they finally have an opportunity to escape with a creepy truck driver, our heroes decide instead to steal the cop’s car and flee on their own.

It’s at this point that the creepy kid with superpowers is given — for reasons which are … reasons — a toy of a big rig truck with a car-carrying trailer. The superpowered kid starts playing with the truck and drops the cars out the back, just as a real-life big rig truck with a car-carrying trailer pulls in front of our heroes and tosses cars back at them, resulting in a massive freeway accident.

It comes out of nowhere, it has nothing to do with anything, and unlike the rest of the clearly low-budget movie — which takes place mostly in and around a small cabin — it looks expensive as hell. Because it was from “Bad Boys II.” Look for yourself!

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