In The Mandalorian Season 3 Episode 2, Din Is The Best Worst Dad Ever

Don’t get me wrong: Din is a lovely father figure, especially considering the perennial unpredictability of the “Star Wars” universe. In the season premiere, Din goes to great lengths to fix IG-11, so that the droid would be able to detect possible dangers on Mandalore and shield Grogu from harm. However, this endeavor does not end up being fruitful, and Din has to settle for a meek, rickety R5-D4 droid that needs rescuing the moment it is sent inside to analyze potential threats. Din does everything a good dad must do before dragging his kid on a life-threatening quest: He relays key information to Grogu about planets and navigation tools and even throws in some lore. Din also keeps Grogu safe inside the Razor Crest before making sure that Mandalore’s atmosphere is breathable, and only lets him out when he’s sure it is safe.

This is where the best dad moments end because Din makes the himbo-esque decision to take Grogu along with him deep inside the caverns of a ruined city that is famously rumored to be cursed. The kid is naturally terrified of the dark but decides to be a champ and follow his father into the depths of the unknown anyway. Deadly reptilian creatures are seen lurking, and this is when Mando falls right into the trap of a menacing cyborg monster, who most definitely plans to torture and kill the Mandalorian. Thankfully, Grogu is able to hide in the nick of time, and skillfully evade the many monsters on his way to the craft. While Grogu is able to accomplish this due to the valuable guidance his dad provides, things could have easily gone left field, if not for the kid’s seriously badass (and improved) Jedi skills. 

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