Indiecast Episode 128: 2023 Spring Music Preview

In this week’s episode of Indiecast, Ian and I looked ahead to the next three months and picked our most anticipated albums, tours, and trends! That’s right — we hashed out future trends this time. It was quite an experience.

But before that, it’s the banter segment: Ian and I had very different experiences with live music this week. I went off to see the English prog-rock band Muse for the first time, and came away thinking that 1) The concert felt like a video game; and 2) There were a ton of metalheads in the audience. Ian meanwhile went to the World War Tour featuring hardcore bands Show Me The Body, Zulu, Scowl, and Jesus Piece. Though at his show, he also encountered some metalheads. Metalheads rule the world!

Then, in the meat of the episode, we talked about whether upcoming albums by Blondshell and 100 Gecs will live up to expectations this spring. Then we looked at the “Indie Rock Road Trip” tour set for June that has an interesting assemblage of bands: Weezer, Modest Mouse, Future Islands, Spoon, Momma, Joyce Manor and White Reaper. Is this the solution to the over-saturation of the live music market? Should we expect to see more traveling festivals that package together sort-of-but-not-really-alike bands?

In Recommendation Corner, Ian talked up A New Tomorrow by hardcore band Zulu, while I raved about Girl In The Half Pearl by avant-R&B artist Liv.e.

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