Nancy Meyers’ Next Rom-Com Will Be A $130 Million, Star-Studded Affair For Netflix

Plot details for the film are still under wraps, but an unverified logline shared by The Film Stage describes a film about a former couple — one a writer-director, the other a producer, both successful in Hollywood if not their relationship – reuniting to work on a project with “two emotionally volatile stars that may test their limits.” That certainly sounds like a Meyers story we could get behind, and pretty much any combination of the four cast members above would be interesting.

Meyer’s deal with Netflix came after her path to getting “The Intern” out into the world didn’t exactly go as planned. She told IndieWire at the time that she “didn’t set [‘The Intern’] up at a studio” in order to be able to write the film without getting pestered about deadlines, and because, as she put it, “it was very clear that the landscape had changed in movies, and budgets of any size weren’t really given to movies I make anymore.” In the same interview, Meyers says the plan “backfired” because studios “need to make these tentpole movies.” If anything, the amount of room studios have for middle-budget movies and adult dramas seems to be shrinking even more than it was eight years ago, but luckily, this latest report indicates that Meyers has secured her bag at Netflix.

The untitled Nancy Meyers project does not yet have a release date, but TFS reports it will likely begin filming in Los Angeles in May.

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