Best Places To Visit In East Orange

East Orange is a city located in Essex County, New Jersey. As of the 2010 United States Census, the city’s population was 64,270, reflecting an increase of 1,541 (+2.5%) from the 62,729 counted in the 2000 Census, which had in turn increased by 971 (+1.6%) from the 61,758 counted in the 1990 Census. East Orange is included in the New York Metropolitan Area. The city has been ranked as one of the most dangerous cities in the United States. In 2017, East Orange was ranked as the 10th most dangerous city in America Despite its high crime rate, East Orange is home to several points of interest including The Great Lawn and Prospect Park

such as the Thomas Edison National Historical Park, Seton Hall University, and The East Orange Public Library. There are also many restaurants to choose from, including those that serve international cuisine. Finally, there are plenty of places to stay in the city, whether you’re looking for a budget-friendly option or something more luxurious.


The Jersey Explorer Children’s Museum is one of the best places to visit for tourists in New Jersey. It is a beautiful museum with interesting exhibits that will keep children entertained for hours. The museum has a variety of exhibits, including a giant maze, a science center, and a play area. It is also home to the world’s largest collection of toy trains. The Jersey Explorer Children’s Museum is a great place for families to visit and explore together.

The Jersey Explorer Children’s Museum is a place that celebrates history and encourages learning through play. The museum is home to interactive exhibits, educational programs, and special events that are perfect for children of all ages. Some of the favorite exhibits at the museum include the art studio, the grocery store, and the construction zone. There is also a section of the museum that is dedicated to the history of New Jersey. This includes exhibits on transportation, agriculture, and industry. The Jersey Explorer Children’s Museum is a great place for families to spend a day together exploring and learning.

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192 Dodd St, East Orange, NJ 07017, United States
Opening Hours
Monday : 9AM–2:45AM
Tuesday : 9AM–2:45AM
Thursday : Closed
Wednesday : 9AM–2:45AM
Friday : 9AM–2:45AM
Saturday : Closed
Sunday : Closed

There are many reasons why Monte Irvin Orange Park is a great place for tourists to visit. The park is home to some of the most stunning natural landscapes in all of Costa Rica, and its rolling hills and pristine forests are a true sight to behold. What’s more, the park is also teeming with wildlife, so visitors can enjoy observing a wide variety of animals in their natural habitat. From toucans and parrots to monkeys and sloths, there’s something for everyone to see at Monte Irvin Orange Park. Additionally, the park is also well known for its excellent hiking trails, which offer hikers of all levels the opportunity to explore the beautiful surroundings. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing day spent enjoying nature or an exciting

Monte Irvin Orange Park is a baseball field in the city of Jacksonville, Florida. It is located at the corner of Park and Herschel Streets. The park was built in 1914 and was dedicated to Monte Irvin, who was a Negro League baseball player and later played for the New York Giants.

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S Center St & South Harrison Street, City of Orange, NJ 07050, United States
Opening Hours
Monday : 8:30AM–4:30PM
Tuesday : 8:30AM–4:30PM
Thursday : 8:30AM–4:30PM
Wednesday : 8:30AM–4:30PM
Friday : 8:30AM–4:30PM
Saturday : Closed
Sunday : Closed

The Thomas Edison National Historical Park is a beautiful place to visit for tourists. The park is home to many of Edison’s inventions and his laboratory where he developed them. It is also home to his home and office. The park is very well maintained and the staff is very friendly and knowledgeable. The park offers many different activities for visitors, including tours of Edison’s home and laboratory, exhibits, and special events.

Thomas Edison National Historical Park preserves the home and laboratories of Thomas Edison, the inventor who developed the first practical light bulb. The park is located in West Orange, New Jersey, and was established in 1936. Edison was born in Milan, Ohio, in 1847. He moved to West Orange with his family in 1876 and bought a home and laboratory on Main Street. In 1879, he developed the first practical light bulb. Over the next few decades, he continued to invent new devices, including the phonograph and motion picture camera. Edison’s home and laboratory were designated a National Historic Landmark in 1965. The park was established two years later to preserve the site. Today, the park offers tours of

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211 Main St, West Orange, NJ 07052, United States
Opening Hours
Monday : Closed
Tuesday : Closed
Thursday : 10AM–4PM
Wednesday : 10AM–4PM
Friday : 10AM–4PM
Saturday : 10AM–4PM
Sunday : 10AM–4PM
4.4 out of 5

Soverel Park is a beautiful public park located in the heart of downtown Miami. The park is well known for its lush vegetation, tranquil ponds, and peaceful gardens. Visitors can enjoy a variety of activities such as jogging, biking, fishing, and bird watching. The park is also home to several monuments and sculptures, including a statue of Christopher Columbus. What makes Soverel Park such an attractive destination for tourists is its convenient location and wide array of attractions.

Soverel Park is a beautiful public park located in the heart of downtown Miami. It spans over two city blocks and features lush gardens, a playground, a splash pad, and a variety of sculptures and fountains. The park is a popular spot for locals and visitors alike, and it’s often used for events such as concerts, picnics, and festivals. The history of Soverel Park dates back to the early 1900s, when the land was purchased by William Soverel. He intended to build a hotel on the property, but the project never came to fruition. In 1926, Miami Mayor Abe Frank decided to turn the land into a public park, and it was officially named Soverel

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2 Soverel Terrace, East Orange, NJ 07017, United States
Opening Hours
Monday : 7AM–9PM
Tuesday : 7AM–9PM
Thursday : 7AM–9PM
Wednesday : 6AM–8:30PM
Friday : 7AM–9PM
Saturday : 7AM–9PM
Sunday : 7AM–9PM

Essex County Turtle Back Zoo is the perfect place to visit for tourists because it has something for everyone. There are beautiful animals to see, exciting rides to go on, and plenty of food options. What’s more, the zoo is set in a park-like setting that makes it a pleasant place to spend a day.

The Essex County Turtle Back Zoo was first founded in 1963 as the “Essex County Zoological Park.” The zoo’s original focus was on exhibiting and caring for a wide variety of animals, many of which were native to New Jersey. It wasn’t until 1978 that the zoo became known as the Turtle Back Zoo, named after a hill in the park that resembled a turtle’s shell. The zoo has continued to grow and expand over the years, with new exhibits, rides, and attractions being added. Today, it is home to more than 600 animals from around the world, making it one of the largest zoos in New Jersey. Some of the zoo’s most popular exhibits include the African Plains exhibit, the Australian Walkabout exhibit

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560 Northfield Ave, West Orange, NJ 07052, United States
Opening Hours
Monday : 10AM–4PM
Tuesday : 10AM–4PM
Thursday : 10AM–7PM
Wednesday : 10AM–7PM
Friday : 10AM–4PM
Saturday : 10AM–4PM
Sunday : 10AM–4PM

Elmwood Park

4.3 out of 5

There are many reasons why Elmwood Park is a great place for tourists to visit. First and foremost, the park is absolutely beautiful. The well-manicured gardens and tree-lined pathways make for a peaceful and relaxing stroll. Additionally, there are plenty of activities available in the park, such as horseback riding, fishing, and golf. Finally, Elmwood Park is located in close proximity to many other popular tourist destinations, such as Niagara Falls and Toronto. This makes it easy for visitors to explore a variety of different areas during their trip.

Elmwood Park was annexed by the City of Saskatoon in 1956. Prior to that, it was a small village with its own civic government. Elmwood Park is located on the east side of the city, just south of the South Saskatchewan River. It is a popular neighbourhood for families and features a mix of residential properties and businesses.

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East Orange, NJ 07018, United States
Opening Hours
Monday : 6AM–7PM
Tuesday : 6AM–7PM
Thursday : 6AM–7PM
Wednesday : 6AM–7PM
Friday : 6AM–7PM
Saturday : 6AM–7PM
Sunday : 6AM–7PM

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