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Australian Open Organizers Hope the Drama Stays on the

It’s a habit he picked up during three years of army training in his native South

“Maybe I get that sense of fear of missing out,” said Tiley, who was the tennis coach

“I always want to be up and around, especially when you’re under pressure

There has been no shortage of difficult situations for Tiley and the Australian Open over the last

“It’s been a bit of a disaster, and all of it completely out of the tournament’

A year later, Covid-19 restrictions were so stringent that players were forced to quarantine in hotels, many

And last year an unvaccinated Novak Djokovic was deported before he ever got to hit a ball

The extreme heat of the Australian summer is nothing new and has disrupted play in the past,

One player, Peng Shuai, vomited on court, and another, Frank Dancevic, fainted

Djokovic accused the sport of not caring enough about the health of players

The tournament then updated its excessive heat policy that takes into consideration on-court temperatures, the strength of

If certain thresholds are met, matches can be suspended and the roofs closed on the main show

Court, who holds the record for winning the most major singles titles with 24, is now a Pentecostal

“When you get a stadium named after you, you have to understand that people who are walking

“You are essentially an ambassador for our sport and for our country

The open signals the official start of a new season, which is one of the reasons players

“Everyone’s coming from cold climates to the sun of the Southern Hemisphere,” said Mark Woodforde, who

Despite his efforts at creating a bubble to keep everyone safe, several people tested positive, prompting lockdowns

Some players even improvised their exercise routines by hitting tennis balls against shuttered windows and turning beds

The tournament was saved by some extraordinary on-court action, including championships by Rafael Nadal and the hometown

Another reason the players refer to the open as the happy slam is because of the way

Players are lured by grants to pay for their travel, even for junior competitors for the first

“The environment they create is akin to the way Aussies treat people,” Woodforde said

They work hard to create a stress-free environment for everyone

“They would choose to invest in that before anything else,” he said

After all the tumult of the last few years, Tiley is optimistic about a turnaround

By mid-December, he said, ticket sales for ground passes were up by more than 30 percent compared with

“We’re seeing this absolute pent-up demand for everything

“These tournaments in London, Paris, New York and, of course, Melbourne, are massive entertainment events with multimillions