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Billie Jean King’s ‘pet peeve’ is Wimbledon’s ‘

Clothes aren’t just items to keep you warm or cool – they also indicate status, showcase defiance,

These days it also helps the SW19 grand slam retain a sense of uniqueness in relation to

More pressingly, for players menstruating it creates anxieties as to whether blood is visible on white clothes

“My generation, we always worried because we wore all white all the time,” King tells CNN’s

“And we’re always checking whether we’re showing

Following the publication of King’s comments, reports in the British media appeared, suggesting that Wimbledon would

Manufacturers are beginning to develop solutions, even as Wimbledon’s dress code remains, with Adidas telling BBC

“You feel like you can breathe and not have to check on everything every minute when you

As well as the all-white policy creating anxieties for players on their period, King points out that

“This is one of my pet peeves, I’ve been yelling for years

Have you ever seen any sport where the people wear the same outfit on each side?”

The fading taboo surrounding menstruation is evidence of the progress made by women’s sport in recent

Its color, “Billie Blue” was chosen “because many times through her amazing career, King has worn blue,”

“The shoes and the color, everything is very important to me,” King says

That same year, the US Open became the first of the grand slams to offer equal prize

“Every generation, they go farther and farther away from the beginnings of the fight,” King says

King hopes that the current generation of female tennis stars, those who will wear her specially designed

And inside the jacket, to remind the champions of the Billie Jean King Cup of the ‘fight’

“Congratulations on winning the 2022 Billie Jean King Cup,” King reads aloud

“As a member of the first winning team at the Federation Cup in 1963, I dreamed to share

We designed the champion’s Billie Blue Jacket to symbolize your incredible win and how far women