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‘Carlos Alcaraz helps him in a way’

After two decades of sheer dominance by the Big Three, the game has landed new Grand Slam

The 19-year-old Rune recently became Masters champion after upsetting Novak Djokovic in the Paris final

Of the new generation, Alcaraz is the one that is standing out

However, it is very clear that there are other very promising players who could do great things

But it's one thing to step up in Paris and another in Australia, Paris [the French Open],

You know what the fun is going to be: Alcaraz, Sinner, Felix, Rune all playing with each

Those are the next Federer, Nadal and Djokovic," Connors said on the Advantage Connors podcast, according to

From the younger generation, Alcaraz was the first to break into a Grand Slam

Alcaraz has become famous for his great work ethic and his extraordinary commitment to the game, so

"There's, of course, a lot of talent out there as well as technological improvement

Honestly, I have watched more women’s matches because of the job I have and so I

I remember saw him just two years ago in Turkey and he was playing $15Ks there

Because he sees that and says 'Hey, it's possible,'" he added