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‘Carlos Alcaraz is impressive to watch’

2022 was the year of the definitive explosion of Carlos Alcaraz

The young talent from Murcia has won the US Open, two Masters 1000 (Miami and Madrid) and two

By winning his first Grand Slam in New York, the Iberian became the youngest number 1 in the

Among the insiders, many have already identified him as the future ruler of the male circuit

A tear in the abs forced Alcaraz to give up the ATP Finals in Turin, but it

young, Jimmy Arias said he was impressed by the physical and tennis qualities of the Spanish prodigy

He can just as easily hit a winning shot at 160km/h from a meter behind the

Obviously, now that he is number 1, he will have to learn to deal with it

Meanwhile, Alcaraz's compatriot Rafael Nadal is still alive in the race