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Eugenie Bouchard opens up on her superstitions

Eugenie Bouchard admits she has her own superstition acts on the court but noted they are not

During matches, Nadal has a specific manner of placing his water battles and he constantly adjusts his

Also, Nadal removes sweat from his face in a specific manner and adjusts his hair before and

When it comes to Bouchard, she has way simpler superstition acts - on match days, eats the

For me, it's like eating the same thing in the morning and warming up at the same

Nadal's routines take time and some feel Nadal is constantly violating the shot clock rule

During this past US Open, Nadal addressed the matter as he slammed the claim that he was

Never for breaking a racket, never for doing a mess on court

I don't think I have a different treatment from the umpires at all," Nadal said