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“It’s very difficult to reach 20 Slams”

I can do the usual routine and train as much as possible, I think I trained more

What happened last year will remain in my heart and the victory here over Medvedev is one

The NextGen? I don't predict the future and I don't know what will happen

If we talk about getting to 21-22 Grand Slams, we know it's a really difficult thing, then

We Big Three have done it and the fact that all three of us have achieved these

I have no doubts about their potential but there are so many situations in life and I

Nadal is one of the most anticipated men at the Australian Open 2023

Nadal has experienced many emotions in the last twelve months, from doubts about his physical conditions to

Now, Nadal has started 2022 badly, he has appeared in quite worrying conditions and once again the insiders

The German spoke to Eurosport like this: "I'm sorry to say it, but I think Rafa Nadal

I hope that doesn't happen but I think he will have a great tournament, maybe win and