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Jelena Dokic attacks ‘evil and disgusting’ fat shamers

Now the woman's battle is against the haters, sharing a disgusting message that she had seen from

" Dokic, sharing this horrific message, said: "This first picture? evil

It really doesn't matter what I'm doing and what happened because the size shouldn't have importance

Kindness and being a good person are important to those of you who abuse me and others

Dokic shared also another truly horrific message: "Now that the Australian Open is starting, Jelena Dokic will

That is what matters because those of you who do it are just evil, mean, mean and

I can and will get in shape for myself and for my health, but you will not

I am here to fight for everyone out there who is being mistreated and shamed

Even the trolls, because you give me so much motivation and inspiration to do what I do

" Patrick Mouratoglou supports then former Australian player: "You are doing a great job Jelena

Don't even read those comments and don't give them any importance

You will always find unhappy/envious/negative people on social media