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Millman explains why Djokovic’s team hide while mixing

Australian tennis player John Millman reacted to the social media accusations that Novak Djokovic's team may be

a proper ridiculous notion that something is up, stadium full, cameras everywhere, drinks mixed in players box

I mean use a little logic here, maybe just maybe they don’t want to give the

"To add to that, inside a locker room you see a player's team always making drinks, in

To add to that, inside a locker room you see a players team always making drinks, in

The opinions were divided, but most viewers questioned why the team would want to hide anything from

You can see the video in this article: Video of Djokovic's team hiding drink prep ritual in

This is, however, not the first time Millman defended Novak Djokovic

It doesn't seem that people have followed any recommendations or guidelines, which is fine, and consequently I

However, from what I have seen, practically no one does, the tournament admits unvaccinated citizens and only 30%