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When Rafael Nadal followed Roger Federer’s ranking milestone

Rafael Nadal has been ranked in the top-20 since 2005, embracing 18 consecutive year-end finishes in the mentioned group

In December last year, Rafa became the third player with 850 consecutive top-20 weeks, joining Jimmy Connors and

An 18-year-old Nadal stood on the verge of the top-50 at the beginning of 2005

After reaching the Australian Open fourth round, a teenager conquered Costa do Sauipe and Acapulco on his

On April 4, Nadal cracked the top-20 for the first time and used that boost to conquer Monte

Nadal has never left the top-20 group after cracking it in April 2005

He embraced an incredible streak and became the third player since 1973 with 850 consecutive weeks in that company

Nadal has never left the top-10 since the end of April 2005, overcoming all the setbacks with injuries,

Nadal claimed two Major titles this season, passing Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic and securing another notable