Watch DeeJuan Pruitt Rock UT-Martin’s Rifen Miguel With Punch

It has been quite the week so far for conference tournament tensions boiling over. We saw some fireworks between Kentucky and Florida in the SEC Women’s Basketball Tournament on Wednesday, with Tatyana Wyche rocketing the ball at Ajae Petty’s head sparking a brawl that saw eight ejected.

On Thursday night in the Ohio Valley Conference Men’s Basketball Tournament, things escalated far beyond your typical basketball scuffle, when SIU-Edwardsville’s DeeJuan Pruitt threw a right hook at midcourt that caught UT-Martin’s Rifen Miguel square in the face. Miguel was leaning on Pruitt as he jogged up the floor with his hands in the air and before one of Pruitt’s teammates could pull him away realizing nothing good was going to come from this, Pruitt absolutely clocked him, sparking a brawl.

Pruitt, Miguel, and UT-Martin’s Jason Myers were all ejected for the fracas, with Miguel certainly getting the worst of it all as he took a brutal punch and was wobbly after. While Miguel’s antics running up the court were unquestionably annoying, punching him directly in the face was certainly not the appropriate retaliation and, should SIU-E end up winning and advancing in the tournament, one has to imagine Pruitt will not be available to play in their next game (or for most of the tournament) for his actions.

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